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Tile Flooring

Our team at Floor Coverings International South Bend is a locally-owned residential and commercial tile and stone installer for the greater South Bend Indiana Area. Our experts specialize in the installation of tile and stone flooring, backsplashes, showers and other tile needs. We have years of experience helping homeowners update their kitchens and bathrooms with new tile.

Over the years styles and trend in tile have changed drastically and will continue to change in the future. With new and exciting tile designs coming out frequently, it is important that you choose a style that will complement your home without becoming dated later on. Our experts can help you with the difficult choice of tile in your home or business and can help you create a space that is timeless. If you are looking for a local tile and stone installer who has direct relationships with the largest tile manufactures then look no further. Our access to manufacturers gives us the access we need to create any style of tile backsplash or shower you can dream of.

In addition to tile and stone our experts off the installation of hardwood, carpet, vinyl, laminate, and other flooring options. Contact us today to get started on your new flooring project.

Benefits of Choosing Tile Or Stone For Your Home

Tile and stone have a number of benefits over other choices for backsplashes and showers. Other options may have their own appeal from pricing to maintenance, however, installing tile or stone in your home can raise the value of any space. Take a look below at some of the benefits of choosing to install tile or stone in your home:

  • Tile and stone are available in a huge assortment of types, sizes, colors, and patterns, enabling your creativity to really shine
  • Grout color can be customized to fit with your design idea
  • Stain resistant grout can be used for high-traffic areas like kitchen counters or kitchen backsplashes to ease maintenance
  • You can use accent colors, mosaics and unique tile and stone designs to make your space your own

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Where In Your Home Can You Use Tile Or Stone?

In truth there are a number of places where you can have tile or stone installed in your home. In today's market, there are a variety of sizes and designs for both tile and stone. This variety allows for the installation of tile and stone in areas such as your kitchen, bathrooms, entryways, and other areas that you might not think possible. Our experts typically install tile in places like the kitchen for the backsplash, or as floors in bathrooms, and even at times for the entirety of the shower surround.

Types Of Tile And Stone For Your Home

When choosing the right tile for your home you're left with a variety of choices. From porcelain and ceramic to slate and glass the possibilities are endless. In addition to this, you can mix and match tiles to create a pattern that will further accent any space. Take a look below to learn about some of the characteristics and styles of the different types of tile and stone we can install.

Slate Tile

The most common application of slate tile is for flooring. Slate tile can last up to 50 years before needing to be replaced, a testament to its long-lasting durability. When used for flooring applications it provides a soft, smooth texture that is comfortable underfoot. We most often see homeowners wanting to use slate tiles for areas such as the kitchen or bathroom as it holds up to water very well.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is typically seen in mosaic backsplashes or accent pieces for showers. This tile is used to add a splash of color and detail to spaces that are normally left plane or blank. Glass tile is a very popular option as it can match or accent almost any style and is easy to maintain.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile may be the only flooring material that truly works in any room of the house. It's most often used in kitchens and bathrooms as well as foyers, mudrooms, and other high-traffic areas. Glazed ceramic flooring tiles have a hard protective top layer that makes the tiles impervious to water and most stains, making them naturally resistant to the ravages of high humidity conditions. This is the main reason why tile is preferred for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Porcelain Tile

Many households prefer porcelain tiles for their home’s flooring and walls for various reasons. First, porcelain tile floors are denser, impermeable to moisture and are a more durable option that provides excellent stain and water resistant properties compared to ceramic tiles. They are also very durable.

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If you are looking for expert tile and stone flooring contractors in the South Bend Indiana area, we can help. Contact our team online or by calling 574-999-2952 today to schedule a free tile and stone flooring estimate for your home or business.

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