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Commercial Flooring

When it comes to commercial floors our experts at Floor Coverings International South Bend know that durability is one of the most important factors. Having a flooring option that can stand up to anything is important in a workplace and combining durability with style can set your business apart. Our experts can install commercial flooring in any space whether its an office, showroom, or lounge that will stand up to the daily abuse of both clients and customers while maintaining the look and feel. We can install commercial flooring in offices, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, and just about any other commercial space. Contact us with questions or to discuss the commercial flooring options we have available.

Commercial Flooring Options

Commercial flooring is designed and manufactured to withstand the most demanding environments. From thousands of footsteps to spills and stains the commercial flooring options we offer will stand the test of time. We have a variety of commercial flooring options available to business owners that are both durable and stylish.

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Commercial Carpet and Carpet Tiles

Commercial carpet solutions are great for spaces that need some noise dampening. Commercial carpet comes in a wide variety of style and color options to fit the design of your space. Carpet tiles are also a great option for commercial spaces because it allows you to remove and replace damaged portions of the carpet to keep the space feeling like new no matter what happens.

Vinyl Flooring

Very durable and resistant to damage when properly installed, vinyl floors provide an excellent low-maintenance option for commercial spaces.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is also excellent for high-traffic locations, and is comfortable to stand and walk on, durable and sound absorbent.

Tile Floors

Tile flooring and stone flooring options can really make a statement in your space. It can also stand up to more abuse than your typical vinyl or hardwood floors when it is installed in a commercial space.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile is a popular choice because of its durability combined with the many designs and looks it offers. You can make your commercial space stand out from the rest with styles such as distressed wood, marble, or even premium hardwood.

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If you are looking for expert Commercial flooring contractors in the South Bend Indiana area, we can help. Contact our team online or by calling 574-999-2952 today to schedule a free flooring estimate for your home or business.

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